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  • Don't deliver a blockage with your Christmas dinner

    Fats, oils and greases from your turkey could turn that dream Christmas dinner into a nightmare.

    Pouring leftover gravy or liquid turkey grease down the drain might seem like a good idea, but it solidifies in pipes and sewers when cooled and can cause horrific blockages - with sewage even ending up in people's homes as a result.

    We deal with more than 13,000 blockages every year, and we're reminding our customers to banish all cooking fats to the food waste bin.

    Divisional waste manager Luke Beattie said: "We want all our customers to enjoy a blockage-free Christmas, and that means waiting for cooking fluids to solidify and scraping them into the food waste bin.

    "If you don't have one, simply wait for the fats to cool and scrape them into a non-recyclable container before putting them in the bin.

    "By following these simple steps you can protect your home from flooding, avoid expensive clean-up bills and look after the environment."

    If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a blockage in your home, we can help to clear it or you could choose to use a drainage contractor.

    Always ensure a private contractor is reputable and request a written quote in advance of any work being carried out.

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