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  • Get behind Water Saving Week

    Fancy saving money on your water and energy bills? We're supporting a national campaign to make homes and gardens more water efficient.

    Leaky loo

    Water Saving Week runs from Monday 19 to Friday 23 March - coinciding with World Water Day on Thursday 22 March - and organisers Waterwise are on a mission to get the nation talking about water and, more importantly, taking action to reduce their usage.

    While our resource position is normal for the time of year, and there is no prospect of a hosepipe ban or similar restrictions in 2018, we're highlighting how easy it is to save water.

    For example, every minute less spent in the shower could save up to 10 litres and a water butt in the garden could save 1,000 litres a year.

    There will be a different theme for every day of Water Saving Week - at home, in the garden, at school, in the workplace and in your community.

    Bryony Tizzard-Scott, water efficiency analyst, said: "Many people in our region are surprised to discover how much water is used by simple, day-to-day activities around the home and garden.

    "Yet the reality is that it's really easy to save water, and we would urge our supply customers to visit our website for more great tips and to order free water saving devices.

    "Customers on a meter can save money on their water bills, while unmetered customers could make savings on their energy bills by using less water." 

    Water Saving Week is supported by the industry watchdog CCWater and WaterSafe, the water-sector backed online search facility where you can find trusted and qualified plumbers in your area.  

    Ana-Maria Millan, CCWater's policy lead for water efficiency, said: "Water Saving Week is a great opportunity for all of us to discover the small ways we can help to ease the pressure on our local water sources and environment - as well as our wallets.

    "Using water more efficiently will also help to ensure that we and future generations continue to enjoy the high quality, reliable water supply that we can easily take for granted."

    Here are our top water saving tips:

    • Fix leaking toilets, taps and showers to save up to 200 litres of water a day.
    • Every minute less you spend in the shower could save 10 litres.
    • Garden plants prefer rainwater so install a water butt to collect free rainfall.
    • Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth could save 18 litres.
    • One less washing load per week could save up to 42 litres. 

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