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  • Greenhouse gases

    The main greenhouse bases that we emit are:

    • carbon dioxide from energy and transport
    • methane from sewage treatment and sludge reuse.

    Our net greenhouse gases fell to 138 kilotonnes carbon dioxide equivalent in 2015-16. This is the lowest level since 1999-2000 but still higher than our target of 133.

    Our long term sustainability goal is to achieve carbon-neutrality, however, this will be a challenge because increasing treatment standards requires more energy intensive methods.

    To help address this increased energy consumption, we have a carbon management strategy including energy avoidance, efficiency projects and renewable energy.

    The value of carbon we report to our regulator Ofwat excludes emissions from sludge on farmland. Net emissions also subtract the renewable electricity that we export multiplied by the UK average emissions factor for grid electricity.

    The emissions from the production of chemicals that we use are also estimated but our estimate of 9 kilotonnes of CO2 does not include the emissions from transporting them to our sites.

    We are a participant of the UK government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, CRC. 

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