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Water supply and sewerage

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  • Your bill

    You will pay for water and sewerage services in one of two ways - metered or unmetered:

    • metered charges are based on the amount of water you use which is measured using a water meter
    • unmetered charges are based on the rateable value of your property and not the amount of water you use. We are required by law to use the rateable values last set by the Inland Revenue in 1990. Rateable values are different for each property - Ofwat has more information about rateable values

    Top of your bill

    The above bill* shows a customer who receives their water and sewerage services from us. If your water is supplied by Bristol Water and you receive sewerage services from us, you will receive a joint bill* like the one below. 

    Top of your bill JV

    If you receive your water from Bournemouth Water or Cholderton and District Water Company you will receive two bills: one for your water supply and another from us for your sewerage services. 

    * your bill from Wessex Water and/or Bristol Water will be sent to you by Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (BWBSL), a joint venture company owned by both companies. This joint arrangement relates to billing and payments only. 

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