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  • Free leak repair service

    We can normally fix a leak on your private supply pipe free of charge and will usually do this within 10 working days or sooner.

    We often have to balance this work with fixing larger leaks on mains in the road or helping customers with an emergency such as no water at all.

    If we can't book an appointment with you for a while, or have to wait for consent from the landowner or approval to use traffic lights, it could take longer than 10 days. Please bear with us as we will get it done!

    Four steps to the repair

    1. Report the leak - if you can send us a picture of the leak it might help us to get the right team to you as quickly as possible. 

    2. If we think we can help we'll arrange a visit as soon as possible from one of our leak team.

    3. We'll investigate the leak, locate it and tell you whether we can repair it for free.

    4. We'll send a specialist team to repair your leak for free. It may be that we have to return to reinstate the affected area.

    Need to know

    • We'll look for leaks and repair or replace your supply pipe free of charge during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm). Visits and repairs outside these times may be chargeable.
    • We'll work on your pipes up to the outside wall of the house (but the pipes need to be accessible and not pass under any structure such as hedges or outbuildings).
    • There is no limit to the number of repairs we'll carry out for you, but if we think it makes more sense we may want to replace a section of pipe rather than repair it.
    • When we fit a meter we will automatically check for a leak and repair it according to these terms and conditions.
    • If we carry out the work for you, we'll have to excavate on your property. We'll do our best to leave everything as we found it. We can show you examples of the sort of finish we hope to achieve.
    • If the leak is not covered by our free leak repair service or you don't want us to do the repair, you will need to arrange for a contractor to fix the leak. We'll give you a waste water notice which requires you to get the leak fixed. This notice is issued to avoid wastage of water and risk of contamination to the public water supply.
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