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  • How to avoid blockages 

    In the bathroom                                      

    Stay blockage free by only flushing the three ps - paper, poo and pee - down your loo.

    You can prevent pipes from being blocked by putting other items, such as wet wipes, in the bin.

    Be smart love your loo

    We’re leading calls to ban the word “flushable” on wet wipes which are clogging up the nation’s toilets, drains and sewers.

    A report has been sent to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – backed by environmental groups City to Sea, Surfers Against Sewage, Marine Conservation Society and Litter Free Coast and Sea – which highlights the fact that wet wipes don’t break down like conventional toilet paper after going down the U-bend.

    We’re called to resolve more than 13,000 blockages annually at a cost of £5 million – last year wet wipes were responsible for more than two thirds of those blockages.

    As the video below shows, the consequences of flushing wet wipes can be highly unpleasant and expensive. 

    In the kitchen

    Pouring fat, oil and grease down your kitchen sink will block this too.

    Simply let these cool before scraping the solid fat into your food waste bin for recycling. Alternatively, pour them into a non-recyclable container and put it in with the household waste. 

    Quite often sewage flooding can be caused by a nearby neighbour not disposing of fat, oil and grease properly or flushing the wrong items down the toilet.

    The blockage could occur further down the pipe from them - potentially near your home - so it is worth making sure your neighbours also do their bit to prevent blockages.

    Coffee grounds can be placed into the household bin or wrapped in newspaper and placed in the kitchen waste bin. Alternatively, leftover coffee grounds can be washed and used in the garden to help repel slugs and snails and promote plant life.

    Catch the FOGs! 

    Three slippery characters are wreaking havoc in our Bag it and Bin it game where the simple aim is to dispose of waste objects before they get into our sewer system.

    In the bathroom you need to divert waste away from the toilet while in the kitchen it's all about catching the fat, oil and grease before it blocks the plughole.

    Download the Bag it and Bin it game at the Apple App store.

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