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Meter option conditions


Under the terms of the 1999 Water Industry Act tenants with a fixed term tenancy of less than six months are not allowed to request a water meter without their landlord giving approval.

Tenants with other types of tenancy may not require their landlord’s approval. We recommend that any tenant who requests a water meter should contact their landlord to inform them of their intentions before they apply.

Shared pipework

If your property is served by a common supply pipe, or there is joint pipework, some work may need to be done to ensure that we fit the meter where it will only measure your water use and that we can read it.

It may be necessary to install a device that allows us to read the meter remotely. When it is not possible to site the meter outside, we may have to fit it inside your property.

If this is the case, we will normally need access to read the meter twice a year unless a remote reading device can be fitted.

Where we are unable to gain access to read a meter, it may be necessary to revert to charging on an unmetered basis. In some cases it may not be technically or economically possible to fit a meter. If so, we may be able to offer you an alternative method of charging.

Communal services

If your property is supplied via communal or shared services, we may be unable to provide you with a water meter.

In the case of multi occupancy premises such as blocks of flats where separate meters cannot sensibly be installed, we will allow installation of a single meter producing a single bill if an individual or company is prepared to accept responsibility for payment. 


When we fit the meter we will check for any leaks. If we find a leak on a domestic customer’s service pipe, we will repair this free of charge within the terms of our domestic customer leakage policy.

A separate leakage policy exists for business customers.If when we read the meter we find the usage is much higher than normal we will let you know so you can check for leakage on your supply. If you know the reason for the high usage, no action is necessary.

As your bill will be based on the amount of water recorded by the meter, it is important that you check your readings regularly, where it is practical to do so.

Any sudden increase in the readings could mean a dripping tap, overflow or a leak from an underground pipe. There is often no water to be seen on the ground. Water in a meter chamber does not necessarily mean that there is a leak as the chamber allows rainwater and water in the soil to enter.


Properties built before 1966 may use incoming metal water pipes as an earth for their electrical systems. Fitting a water meter to your supply may mean that this kind of earthing system will no longer work.

If you are in any doubt about how your property is earthed you should contact a qualified electrician for advice.

If any work needs to be done you will have to pay for it and you may wish to take this into account when deciding on whether to have a water meter fitted.


Reversion to unmetered charges is not permitted for commercial customers.

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