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  • Your estimated metered bill

    If you've estimated your total water usage with the Save Water Save Money calculator, the form below will work out automatically how much your bill will be if you switch to a meter.

    You can compare this with how much you're currently paying a year if you enter the amount of your annual bill in the box below - you'll need to add together the last two unmetered bills you've received. 

    We've included the standing charges which cover the cost of maintaining the meter, reading it and producing your bill. The sewerage standing charge also covers the cost of surface water and highway drainage.

  • Water charges
    Please enter your estimated annual water use in cubic meters (m³)
    Water charges (estimated use x £2.1005 per m³) £
    Plus annual standing charge £24
    Total £
    Sewerage charges*
    Your estimate of water returned to the sewer (95% of water use)
    Sewerage charge (estimated use x £1.7966 per m3) £
    Plus annual standing charge £54
    Total £

    Your total estimated metered bill £
    Please enter your annual bill £
    Switching to a meter will save you £
  • * If you receive sewerage services from another water company, please use the sewerage charges from that company.

    Switch now

    If you'll save money, switching to a meter is easy to do.

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    If moving to a meter isn't going to save you money yet, take a look at ways to save water.

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