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  • Changes to your account in 2017

    In April 2017 businesses and other non-household customers will be able to choose their water and sewerage retailer for the first time. This is being driven by a government initiative called Open Water to encourage competition in the water industry as well as better, more tailored services for non-household customers. It will create the largest water market in the world and will be the biggest change to the UK water industry since privatisation.

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    How does it work?

    We and other water companies will act as wholesalers and will continue to supply the same water to non-household customers in our region as well as take away and treat their waste. Meanwhile retailers will enter the market and compete for these customers.

    2017 Changes to your account

    What happens to my account?

    Like most other water companies, we have set up our own retailer alongside Bristol Water called water2business. If you are a non-household customer in our region then your account will automatically be transferred to water2business from April 2017 and you will notice that your bills will be sent from them.

    Following this you will be entitled to switch to a different retailer at any time for free. All you need to do is contact the retailer of your choice and ask to do so, then the retailer will do all the hard work for you.

    To make sure you get the best option for your business or non-household property, we would recommend you take the time to identify what you want from your water and sewerage provider and review your current usage, bills and meter readings.

    Day-to-day operational enquiries will be managed by your retailer, however we will communicate with you directly during an emergency or operational incident.

    For more information please email:


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