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Frequently asked questions

How much water do I use?

Water calculator

In the Wessex Water region every customer uses on average around 140 litres of water a day. This can vary a lot between households so to find out what your household use is you can use our online water calculator or if you are a metered customer you can check your usage on your bills.

Click here to open the interactive calculator or select the image

You’ll find out which parts of the house you use the most water in, where you could cut down and simple ways you can do this.

How can I save water?

There are many ways of reducing water wastage around the home and garden. Look at our top tips and Target Twenty pages to find out some simple ways you can make savings.

What products could help me save water?

Although it’s good practice to always be aware of how much water you are using, some products can help you save without having to really think about it:

  • installing a free save a flush device will save you one litre every time you flush (Note: you must be a Wessex Water supply customer to be eligible for a free save a flush)
  • Fitting a water efficient showerhead or a FREE shower flow regulator will save up to 8 litres a minute.

To find out how to order these products go to our water saving products page.

How can one family make a difference?

One family alone can greatly reduce their water consumption by thinking about how they use water: mending dripping taps, not leaving taps running when brushing your teeth, washing up or cleaning can all save many litres of water.

If all families slightly change their behaviour, then this all adds up. Using less water means we take less from the environment and therefore treat less, so use less energy and fewer chemicals. Find out how much you could save by using our water calculator.

How can I use less water in my business?

You can use less water in your workplace by following the advice on the business pages. Installing water saving products in your kitchen and toilet areas is a good start, along with raising awareness amongst your employees.

Can I receive any free products?

You can receive a free save a flush device which will save you one litre every flush by requesting one here or by phoning 0845 600 4 600. To find out about other water saving products and offers, see the water saving products page(Note: you must be a Wessex Water supply customer to be eligible for a free save a flush)

How does Wessex Water save water?

We try to use less water in many areas of our business – to find out things we do, please visit the What Wessex Water is doing pages.

Can I save money by being metered?

Many people use up to 10% less water by having a water meter. To find out about being metered, please see the metering pages. If you are a low water user or are keen to reduce your bill, you may save money by being on a meter.


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