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A to Z of analysis

Commonly used nomenclature
l or L Volume measurement - litre
ml Volume measurement - millilitre (one thousandth of litre)
m3/d Volume measurement - cubic metre per day (one cubic metre = 1000 litres).
Ml/d Volume measurement - mega litre per day (one Ml/d is equivalent to 1,000 m3 /d or to 220,000 gallon/d).
mg/l milligram per litre (one thousandth of a gram per litre [10-3g per litre] )
µg/l microgram per litre (one millionth of a gram per litre [10-6g per litre] ).
ng/l nanogram per litre (one thousandth millionth of a gram per litre [10-9g per litre] ).
mg/kg milligram per kilogram (one thousandth of a gram per kilogram).
°C Temperature in degrees centigrade
Less than
More than
µS/cm Conductivity – Micro Siemens per square centimetre (expressed at 20° or 25° C)
NTU Turbidity as Nephelometric Turbidity Units
deg Hazen Colour - on a scale defined by a standard solution of Chloroplatinic acid / Cobaltous chloride, know as degrees Hazen.
CFU Microbiological term for Colony Forming Units
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Facts and figures

We serve an area of around 10,000 square kilometres.

We supply 1.3 million people with around 285 million litres of water a day.

We treat 481 million litres of sewage from 2.7 million customers a day.

YTL Power International of Kuala Lumpur acquired Wessex Water in May 2002.

The water industry regulator Ofwat recognised us as the best water and sewerage company in England and Wales (2009-10).

Wessex Water employs 1,985 people.



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