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  • Developer services charging arrangements 2018-19

    Our developer charges for 2018/19 are changing significantly from the previous year in response to new rules published by our economic regulator, Ofwat.

    The changes will mean that more of our charges will be fixed and published, rather than provided on application, enabling you to estimate your costs without needing to contact us for the majority of the services that we offer.

    The services and charges affected include new water and wastewater connections, new water mains and sewers, income offsetting, and infrastructure charges.

    For further information please refer to our comprehensive charging document and accompanying technical guidance via the links below. We have also created a new calculator, which will allow you to interactively generate an initial quotation for your project. 

    The new calculator is in beta testing, for any queries please contact

    Consultation on changes to developer services charging arrangements

    Following Ofwat’s Information notice IN 18/05 and its revised Wholesale Charging Rules, published in March 2018, we have made some changes to our Developer Services Charging Arrangements. We are required to include, within our Developer Services Charging Arrangements, the provision for Water Supply Licensees (retailers) to request new connection services. We have made this change to the Charging Arrangements, and we are now required to consult on the proposed changes for 2 months (this will run from 29 March 2018 to 29 May 2018). We will then publish our revised Charging Arrangements on 1 June 2018. In the interim period the Charging Arrangements we published on 1 February will continue to stand.

    We have also made minor changes to our Charging Arrangements following further engagement with, and feedback from customers and stakeholders. These are summarised follows:

    • The inclusion of “no dig and refill” connection charges within table 4-2
    • The revision of new mains connection charges in table 6-1
    • A change to the basis of the charge for decommissioning redundant pipe to per linear meter in tables 6-5 and 8-2 (plus the charge in table 8-5 moved to 8-2)
    • The inclusion of Deed of Grant and Land Transfer fees for Sewer Adoptions to table 8-4
    • The inclusion of laying sewers in gardens in table 8-2
    • The inclusion of a Type 3 Sewage Pumping Station in table 8-2
    • Plus a number of minor grammatical changes and clarifications

    Where the change to the charges is in the customer’s benefit we will impose these charges from 1 April.

    If you would like to respond to the consultation, please provide your response to

    WWSL Developer Services Charging Arrangements Consultation March 2018


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