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  • Our performance

    Water UK has produced a set of standards which measure our performance in relation to a number of Developer Services activities.

    All water and sewerage companies will be monitoring their performance, starting 1 April 2015, with the results published on a quarterly basis.

    We are publishing these standards to provide information about our performance in dealing with new development proposals and implement procedures, where necessary, to improve our levels of service.

    Results are published every quarter. Further details of the reporting standards can be found on the Water UK website.

      2018/19 Wessex Water Industry average

    Water supply

    Performance against targets for:

    • pre-development enquiries
    • estimating and laying new water mains and diversions
    • quoting and carrying out new water supply connections
    • processing self-lay applications.








    Performance against targets for:

    • pre-development enquiries 
    • applications for sewer requisitions 
    • applications for sewer adoptions and diversions  
    • applications for sewer connections.






    For water supply, our performance saw an improvement which put us well above the industry average.

    However, for sewerage we saw a slight drop in performance which sees us below the industry average again for the second quarter.

    We recognise that this is not where we want to be and measures are being taken to improve our performance for the third quarter.

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