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  • Wholesale charges for retailers

    The following information is a guide to wholesale charges levied on retailers. It does not relate to charges applied to trade effluent consent holders.

    Primary trade effluent charges to retailers will be calculated using one of three methods, as described below.

    1 . Measured strengths

    Every month, average sample strengths will be calculated per trader and loaded to the Open Water market (CMOS) for inclusion in Mogden-based charging calculations. Results will be backdated to the beginning of the month. It is a retailer’s responsibility to provide flow data where required.

    We will use analysis results from the most recent 10 samples taken specifically to generate charging strength data (typically 24hr composites).

    A modified Z-test will be applied to each set of 10 results to identify and eliminate outliers (both highs and lows).

    The remaining results will be averaged to produce charging strengths for suspended solids (@pH7) and chemical oxygen demand (settled @pH7).

    We will set the sampling programme to ensure that any set of 10 charging samples falls within a suitable period.

    2. Fixed strengths

    For processes that are standard across the country, fixed strengths may be applied. In these cases, regular sampling will not be used to generate sample strengths.

    For example, most vehicle washes are currently billed using fixed strengths for suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand. These are adjusted from time to time to take account of new information, changes in processes or new technologies.

    We include here a minimum strength category with fixed strengths of 21mg/l suspended solids (@pH7) and 50mg/l chemical oxygen demand (settled @pH7).

    3. Agreed strengths

    These are similar to fixed strengths but are usually calculated using an initial set of sampling data for a single trader. They can be reviewed and amended at intervals as necessary and agreed between us and retailers.

    They are designed for lower risk, non-standard trade processes that produce effluent of a predictable quality.

    Application fees

    There is a standard application fee of £446 across all consented discharges.

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