Business services

Our support teams based at our award-winning operations centre in Bath have a hand in virtually every aspect of our business.

From responding to a media enquiry to negotiating with a tenant renting one of the hundreds of sites and landholdings we own across the region, the roles within business services are very diverse.

Advising… Managing… Responding…

The roles range from the digital aerial specialist who is responsible for operating the company drone to the two conservation, access and recreation managers who ensure our sites designed Sites of Special Scientific Interest are safeguarded. Business services includes the following teams: People, Public Relations, Legal and Estates, IT and Finance.

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Business services

People team

Our talented team is responsible for the recruitment, development, HR and wellbeing of our workforce. Their passion for innovation drives the many people initiatives, which in turn maintains the high levels of employee engagement we are so proud of.

Business services

Public Relations

From liaising with the media to communicating with customers of all ages and backgrounds, this team plays a key role in keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged with our business.

Business services

Legal and Estates

This team looks after all the company’s legal matters as well as managing and overseeing the conservation of hundreds of properties across our region.

Business services

Information Technology

Information technology plays an increasingly vital role in ensuring the services we deliver to millions of customers are among the best in the industry.

Business services


Experts in the financial world are vital for all businesses and a water and sewerage company with a turnover equivalent to a FTSE350 company is no exception.

Business services


Setting our business strategy, planning for the future, checking quality compliance, and building strong relationships with our regulators all keep this team busy.

Matt Cornelius 

Training Delivery Manager

'I joined Wessex Water initially on a two week contract… that was 18 years ago. The benefits of starting as a temp enabled me to see just how well people were looked after. It was clear to me "people came first" and I was really impressed with just how many different roles and opportunities there are at Wessex Water.'

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