Flexible working stories

We support and encourage flexible working, so you are able to create a work/life balance that suits you.

Whether you are a parent, carer or simply want to explore opportunities to enhance your wellbeing, we recognise how important flexible working is to a lot of our colleagues.

Our mantra for flexible working is ‘reason neutral’. What’s important to you, is important to us.

But don’t just take our word for it… here are a few of our colleagues who love the flexibility that working for Wessex Water gives them.

Penny enjoying spending more time with her children

On return from maternity leave with my first child, I requested to change from working from full time to three days a week was to care for my child. I work three consecutive days; Monday to Wednesday 8:30-4pm to fit in with nursery and grandparent childcare availability.

I feel the working pattern has enriched my work/life balance, giving me quality time with my children before they start school. I do sometimes struggle with finding time to fit all meetings in to my working pattern, but it is not unmanageable with a little creativity and teamwork!

Penny, Billing and Credit Manager

"I have wanted to reduce my working hours for a while as I wished to have time to help with the care of my grandchildren and also spend a little more time on my hobby. I’m passionate about restoring and painting old furniture.

I was unsure whether flexible working would be possible for me. After discussing the option of ‘job sharing’ with my manager, the help and advice I received made the whole process so easy. Between my job share partner and I, we equally share responsibilities and decisions regarding the running and cover of the Treatment Centre. We communicate day to day through our office diary with regards to what has been completed and which jobs are outstanding. And of course, we’re always at the end of the phone for each other.

The whole process was very straightforward, and since working flexible hours I have benefited so much, both in my work and home life."

Rose, Treatment Technician

Rose with grandchild
Rose enjoying time with her grand daughter
Jamie enjoying the beach with his family

"My partner and I made the decision we would like to split childcare between us after the birth of our first child. We now have two beautiful daughters and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

I now work four days a week taking Wednesdays off.

I am very happy with my current arrangement because it allows me to see my children more and provides my partner and I with a near 50/50 split with work and childcare. It has been a very positive experience and I am satisfied with my work/life balance."

Jamie, Senior Ecologist

“I decided to request to work flexibly to enable me to spend time with my parents, who both have had health concerns.

I still work the same hours (30 per week), but there is a flexible arrangement in place for me to play around with my working hours. If I have needed to accompany my parents to appointments or help them generally with their day to day living, then I juggle my hours about to accommodate their needs.  This works really well for me.

My work/life balance is good. I have no hesitation in discussing my needs for changing days/hours with my manager and that takes a huge pressure away. I feel happy in the way we work as a team, I feel supported and really want to support the rest of the team wherever I can. This flexible attitude to working actually makes the job more enjoyable as I don’t feel pulled in different directions. It enables me to focus when I’m at work as the life pressure has been released.”

Lydia, Water Quality Project Manager

Lydia enjoying spending time with parents