24 hours a day, 365 days a year our operations team ensures that vital services are delivered to millions of people.

Supplying 280 million litres of water a day involves a complex network of 180 water treatment works, 300 service reservoirs and water towers as well as 11,800 kilometres of water mains.

Supplying… Treating… Innovating…

Treating 480 millions litres of sewage means ensuring 409 water recycling centres are operating effectively in addition to maintaining a network of 34,700 kilometres of sewers. Tackling leakage, monitoring and maintaining some of the highest standards in Europe and working with innovative equipment and processes are also every day challenges for our operations team.

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Michael Morgan

Water Recycling

'My job is to maintain water recycling centres in the Bournemouth area, ensuring high quality of effluent discharging to water courses such as the River Stour. I do this by keeping sites clean, inspecting and lubricating mechanical equipment and using telemetry systems.'

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