Scientific services

Every day our team in scientific services carry out thousands of tests.

They test drinking water and treated waste water samples to ensure our treatment processes are delivering excellent standards.

Testing… Sampling… Analysing…

In addition to providing a critical service for Wessex Water, the team also offer sampling and analytical services to a range of external customers including local authorities, drinking water providers and environmental consultants. Delivered from our laboratory - ISO 17025 (2005) by the United Kingdom Accreditation - our comprehensive analytical service for potable (drinking) water covers: microbiological including cryptosporidium general chemicals metals organic chemistry nutrients analysis.

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Kevin O'Reilly

Organic chemistry laboratory manager

'My career with Wessex Water started 30 years ago when I joined as a trainee analyst and completed a weeks’ work experience in the lab… and loved it.  All that equipment and instruments to experiment with!'

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