All Wessex Water employees are given one day every year to volunteer in the community for local charities and good causes.

We are proud of the work we do to support our local community and the many charities in our area. It also has a big impact on our teams and colleagues too.

"There is no doubt that volunteering can enhance career prospects through gaining practical experience and skills outside of the normal working day. There are great benefits to be gained through working in a different environment with your team, as well as with colleagues from across the company", Mark Nicholson, Group People Director

Examples of volunteering carried out by our people include a team who volunteered their services to Avon Wildlife Trust to help build steps and bird/bat houses in Newbridge, Bath

"This involved a lot of digging, hammering and using a rather large mallet to drive stakes into the ground to keep the steps in place. It was very therapeutic to give wood and nails a good old whack, and everyone felt the benefit from a wellbeing perspective – albeit we were all shattered by the end of the day!" Caroline Hughes, head of IS service development.

"The whole team found it a really rewarding day – and we felt quite proud of what we had done in helping the Trust, and putting something back into the community to help others. It really gave the team a boost and made everyone smile."

Water force volunteers in front of repaired steps

Other volunteers helped the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre to promote an open day to raise funds for the charity.

The team worked on producing posters for the open day and adverts for fundraising activities such as 'Guess the name of the bear' and other raffle games.

One of our team after volunteering at the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Each year during Volunteers Week everyone votes for the Wessex Water community volunteer of the year.

This year it was won by CAD Technician Jonathan Moore who has created more than 800 safety visors for people working in healthcare settings during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I know lots of my colleagues have also been working hard to help others at this time. I am particularly grateful to the people that donated materials to build the visors. It’s been a real privilege to be able to help"

Jonathan Moore community volunteer award
Wessex Water volunteer of the Year Jonathan Moore pictured at home with his certificate


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People at outdoor event


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