Top up with tap water

Top up with tap water

After being out of action for more than a year, we are glad to announce our water refill points have been turned back on following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

All our refill points were shut off when the Covid-19 pandemic began, but people can once again top up with tap water for free across the region.

Learn about why it’s still important to use a refillable bottle over disposable plastic bottles, while also finding out where we will be installing new refill points soon.

The impact of Covid-19 on plastic pollution

With people working from home and spending less time travelling, the coronavirus pandemic caused the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions.

It appeared that the environment was benefiting from the lockdowns taking place all over the world, but this didn’t translate to our oceans.

In more ways than one, the pandemic caused an increase in the production of plastic. The demand for single-use plastic items – such as face masks, gloves and more – increased astronomically.

While manufacturing these items was necessary, they quickly made their way into rivers and oceans, causing harm to wildlife and the environment. Find out more here.

With single-use PPE now being used by people across the world, it’s more important than ever to try and use less plastic in other areas of our lives. Opting to use a reusable bottle, if you haven’t already, could be a good start.

If you’re looking for other ways to become more eco-friendly, visit:

A single-use face mask found washed up on the shoreline of a beach.

Refill not landfill

For the past couple of years, we have been installing refill points throughout the area we serve to help people cut back on the amount of single-use plastic they use.

After turning them all off last year because of the pandemic, they are finally back on – if you see one when you’re out and about, fill up your bottle for free to stay hydrated on your travels.

To ensure the highest standard of water quality and hygiene, they are being cleaned and maintained regularly.

We recently installed new refill points throughout Bath and Weymouth. Find out where they are located and how to use them safely at

We are also in talks with local councils to bring more water refill points to Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset in the near future. Stay up to date with when and where they get installed on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Locals filling up their bottles at our water refill point in Bridport.

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