Coarse fishing trial event at Sutton Bingham

Coarse fishing trial event at Sutton Bingham

7th November 2021

Coarse anglers are invited to support a trial exercise to remove coarse fish from Sutton Bingham from 18 October to 7 November 2021.

Coarse anglers are invited to take part in the second coarse fish removal exercise with rod and line at Sutton Bingham.

This gives anglers a time limited opportunity to coarse fish the waters between 18 October and 7 November 2021. Fishing near the docks of Sutton Bingham

The first week will be at the West Pond, a smaller body of water connected to the main reservoir.

The second two weeks will be on the main reservoir and swims will be marked around on the banks in both directions from the fishing lodge.

Fish welfare is very important to us so our rangers are working alongside reputable contractors to safely collect and transport all coarse fish to a new home.

We will be recording the number, species and weight of the fish removed to help with future planning and environmental projects to restore the aquatic ecosystem.

Dates / times

West Pond: 18 October - 24 October (maximum 10 swims)

Main reservoir: 25 October - 7 November (maximum 25 swims)

Fishing: 9am - 4pm with fish collected by rangers before 4:30pm.


You can book online* - advanced booking essential. (Bookings open 1 October.)


1 rod day ticket - £10 / £8 concession

3 rod (max) day ticket - £12 / £10 concession

Wessex Water staff = normal discount applies.


Anglers are required to observe the following:

  • Pre booking online is required.
  • Multiple bookings per angler are allowed. 
  • The ranger will allocate each angler will a specific swim on the morning.
  • Anglers must remain on this swim unless otherwise agreed with the ranger. 
  • All coarse fish are to be held in a keep net for collection (anglers must provide their own).
  • All trout to be handled carefully and returned to the water as soon as possible.
  • All nets to be disinfected before and after.
  • Live and ground bait permitted only during this exercise.
  • No bait boats.
  • Alarms are permitted.
  • Fishing is strictly between the advertised dates and times. Any coarse fishing outside of this will be considered poaching.

* For those without internet access our rangers can make a booking on your behalf – payment upfront will still be required and all normal booking terms and conditions apply.

Why are we doing this?

Over the past few decades, it has been observed that the aquatic ecosystem is shifting from being dominated by macrophytes (larger aquatic plants) towards a eutrophic reservoir dominated by phytoplankton (more microscopic plants).

There are several contributing factors to this change in ecosystem, including rising levels of nutrients from the upstream catchment from land management practices, the addition of water pumped from the River Yeo and the presence of coarse fish in the reservoir. In turn the changed ecosystem is affecting food sources for a range of wildlife and Wessex Water are running a trial exercise to reduce the numbers of the coarse fish in order to actively manage the populations. This, in combination with work by our Catchment Team in the catchment upstream of the reservoir, will improve the habitat value and reduce nutrients thereby encouraging the return of wildfowl and other animals which have declined in recent decades.