Protecting 300-year-old dams

Protecting 300-year-old dams

19th August 2019

Bath and North East Somerset

Managing crayfish populations in Prior Park Landscape Garden helps to protect 300-year-old dams.

The National Trust has been carrying out a restoration project to restore Prior Park Landscape Garden to how it once looked. 

As part of the project, the trust is performing work on the dams, which were built in the mid-1700s, to make them fit for the 21st century.

The dams have become damaged over time by American signal crayfish burrowing into their structures.

We sent six volunteers to the park to help the trust catch and remove American signal crayfish from the lakes, so that the same issue doesn’t happen again once the dams are restored. 

Our volunteers set up over 30 traps around the lake and later emptied the traps, while also helping the trust to measure and identify the sex of each crayfish.

The team then carried out gardening tasks around the park, such as weeding and clearance work to help maintain it. 

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