Water saving trough installed

Water saving trough installed

19th September 2019

Sheep at Bath City Farm are making full use of their new water efficient trough.

Bath City farm’s goal is to build a strong, healthy and caring community by engaging local people with nature and farming.

A group of volunteers from across the business visited the farm to help the charity become more water efficient. 

Before the group carried out their volunteering day, the sheep living on the farm drank from a plastic trough which was supplied with tap water.

Innovation adviser Andrew Russell, who led the activity alongside water regulations officer Nicky Pressey, said: “We helped to replace the old plastic trough with a new one, using mainly recycled materials, while also helping to connect it to a natural spring that runs through the site.”

The volunteers assisted Bath City Farm’s site and livestock lead Mark Scopes in creating the trough. They helped to dig a trench, build walls, lay pond liner and create a natural filtration system to prevent sediment and other matter from entering the trough.

“I am extremely grateful for the support from the Wessex Water staff members who helped us with this project,” said Mark.

“By using our natural spring to supply the trough, our sheep will receive the purest water and we will save money on our water bills, which is very important to us as a small charity.”


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