Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Your views and feedback help us to improve our day-to-day services and plan future investment. 

You can tell us what you think by: 

  • joining our customer panel and tell us what you think every three months about a range of topics
  • being part of our young people's panel if you're aged 16 to 18
  • responding to our text survey which you will receive if you have been in contact with us.

We also seek the views of our household and business customers and stakeholders with the help of independent research partners. This involves focus group discussions, workshops and online surveys as well as telephone or face-to-face interviews.

In addition we engage every day with customers about our day-to-day service using telephone, text surveys, feedback cards and social media.

Our customer magazine is designed to keep you updated on how we're improving services and other news - we send it to households throughout the region.

Follow how we're doing

Over the past few months we've been gathering your views on how we're performing.

From your input, we've developed a set of commitments to deliver what you've said is important which you can see on our website.

Our future performance

How you shaped our future plans

Tens of thousands of you have helped shape our investment plans for 2020-2025.

Our biggest ever consultation involved:

  • speaking to customers in person at community events
  • collating your views from our magazine surveys
  • collating your views from our interactive online game
  • carrying out independent surveys, interviews, group discussions and more in depth engagement events
  • taking on board your comments from our Have Your Say panel.

We combined all of the feedback to understand what customers' views are on bills and services.

What you told us

You gave us views on what we should be focusing on to maintain and improve the services we provide over the next 25 years.

You told us that:

  • it's important that you are kept updated when we carry out work on your behalf. So we introduced our customer care team who regularly contact you with updates. We've just started the roll out of our a job tracker so you can follow progress online in the same way you can track a parcel
  • you're keen to see further investment in innovative technology so we can continue to reduce leaks in an efficient way over time. Leakage is now half what it was in 1999
  • you understand there is a balance to be struck between reducing leakage and the impact on bills. The majority of you would prefer lower bills to reduced leakage, provided there is no risk to water supplies or the environment
  • you strongly support education for everybody on how to use less water, and you would be prepared to change your usage habits in the event of a water shortage caused by dry weather
  • the majority of you would be prepared to pay a little more to future proof water services for generations to come, including investment in our infrastructure
  • most of you prefer price changes in line with inflation as this reduces uncertainty
  • many of our customers in vulnerable circumstances have very complex needs and you’re pleased to hear about the support we’re offering.

Your views helped to shape our business plan for 2020-2025.

Join our customer panel

You can give us regular feedback about the services we provide.

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Young people's panel

Our innovative panel gives students a say about the future of our business.

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Customer Challenge Group

This challenge group brings together a range of stakeholders.

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