Wessex Water partnership

Wessex Water Partnership

Central to our engagement with customers is the Wessex Water Partnership which brings together a range of stakeholders.

The partnership, supported by the catchment and futures panel, will scrutinise and assess our delivery against all outcomes and associated performance commitments set out in the business plan 2015-20.

Independently chaired by former water minister Dan Rogerson, the partnership will assess our eligibility for rewards or penalties according to the final regulatory settlement, having taken into account the views of the catchment panel on environmental outcomes.

The partnership will publish its advice to our board on whether performance commitments are being met and whether any financial rewards or penalties are due.It will also liaise with stakeholders over the next five years in preparation for our 2020-25 business plan.

The partnership held its inaugural meeting in January 2016 and meets three to four times each year.

Find out more at the Wessex Water Partnership website