Young peoples panel

Young People's Panel


Applications are now closed for the 2021 Young People’s Panel.

The closing date for applications was Monday 19 July, 2021.

An industry first initiative when it was first set up in 2016, it was named as a finalist in the 2018 Institute of Customer Services Customer Satisfaction Award.



Students who join our Young People's Panel can have their say in the future of our business.

Those taking part in previous panels suggested various business ideas including:

  • a cashback guarantee for new water meter customers - this initiative went live in early 2018
  • a digital job tracker which is currently being tested
  • a sewer misuse campaign which was rolled out during freshers' week.

Panellists spend a day at our operations centre, learning about the company and spending time with directors and senior managers before being set real-life tasks.

After their first visit, they go away to prepare for their second visit when they pitch their ideas in Apprentice-style presentations. Pictured above and below are two of the panellists pitching their ideas to Andy Pymer, managing director of Wessex Water Services.

In addition to this year’s Young People’s Panel, panellists may be invited to take part in a 5–7-day online community. This would likely take place towards the end of 2021 and involve panellists completing a series of daily tasks, lasting around 15-20 minutes per day. An additional payment will be provided to those who take part.

Andy says: "The six panels we have run proved a big success with some really bright young minds contributing some ideas which we have implemented as a business."

"As well as gaining first hand experience of what is involved in running of one of the largest businesses in our region, the panel gives the sixth formers involved a unique opportunity to kickstart a career in the world of business."

How do the panellists benefit?

They have a real influence on the decisions made by senior management as well as:

  • see inside the workings of a major business
  • meet senior leaders
  • meet other like-minded sixth formers from around the region
  • get a formal reference for use in UCAS or apprenticeship applications
  • get a £100 reward for taking part.

What do the panellists have in common?

All the sixth formers recruited to the panel:

  • are thinking about a career in a business setting; perhaps as an engineer, a product developer, in a financial, a customer service or marketing role, or even would-be entrepreneurs who plan to run their own business one day
  • enjoy getting their point across: they take an active part in class discussions and debates and problem-solving
  • are good team players - both good listeners as well as good talkers!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the panel application process, Victoria Ulph at Blue Marble Research directly: by email or call 01761 239329/ 07842 839 737.