Our bills are affordable for the great majority of customers.

For those on low incomes, our tailored assistance programme (tap) is able to offer support to meet their own financial circumstances.

Working closely with debt advisers, we're now helping more than 43,000 customers to pay ongoing charges and repay debt while offering practical help to reduce water and energy bills.

Around 13,000 customers are in receipt of our main social tariff Assist which offers discounts of up to 90% off water charges for those in the greatest financial hardship.

Under the guidance of our expert affordability advisory group, we introduced a discount of around 20% for pensioners on the lowest incomes - just over 17,000 people are now receiving this discount. 

We liaise with a growing number of community based organisations outside the debt advice sector and geographical mapping helps us engage with customers who are typically much harder to reach and likely to be some of the most vulnerable. We have launched five new projects in hard to reach areas such as deprived housing estates.

We continue to support financial capability and money management projects in our communities, funding a further four through our Money Matters awards. 

Money Matters

Our Money Matters scheme makes awards to organisations running community-based projects to improve financial knowledge and money management involving schoolchildren and vulnerable customers.

If you represent a debt advice agency, school or community organisation or have a financial capability or money management project in need of funding, you could apply for a grant from Quartet of up to £5,000.

Through our Money Matters awards scheme - part of our tap assistance programme - we want to help people to understand financial matters and take effective decisions regarding money

Applications are considered by a panel of experts and grants are awarded in January and July. For more information and to apply, download our leaflet (see related downloads) . 

Our latest award helped a group of schoolchildren in the Mendip area to learn how to eat healthily on a tight budget.


If you represent or work for an independent charity or body that provides advice and support to our customers, who may struggle to pay their bills, then we want to work with you.

We want to work with you to support customers throughout our region, particularly those who are having difficulty affording their water bills or who have additional needs that we should be aware of in our day to day services.

Our PartnerHub provides you lots of information about the support we offer and gives you access to resources to help you raise awareness and apply for support on behalf of our clients.