Customer magazine

Customer magazine

Our customer magazine contains news and information about how we are investing across the region and improving service as well as general interest stories.

We hope you find the information in each magazine interesting and informative - our licence and regulation requires us to provide you with this information.

Having tried various ways to communicate with our customers, the magazine has proved to be the most successful method with positive feedback from a considerable proportion of customers.

By including advertising we are able to minimise the cost of producing each issue to around 14p per customer.

Wessex Water's magazine - winter 2021

Read more about on why wet wipes shouldn't be flushed and find out how you could win National Trust membership.

Wessex Water's magazine - spring 2021

Find out about Black2Nature, a local charity supported by the Wessex Water Foundation.

Wessex Water's magazine - winter 2020

Ensure burst pipes and blocked gutters don’t dampen your Christmas spirit… or the interior of your home.