Get Dorset Buzzing takes flight

Get Dorset Buzzing takes flight

Spring has finally arrived, along with the launch of a brand-new Dorset Wildlife Trust campaign called Get Dorset Buzzing.

Sponsored by Wessex Water and the Gardens Group, the campaign has flown in due to a national decline of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths and beetles.

With the aim of encouraging 2,000 people living in Dorset to take the pledge to do at least one thing in their garden to get pollinators buzzing again, Dorset Wildlife Trust will be sending out free packs to those who sign up to help get everyone started in their gardens.

The packs will include a wall planner, wildflower seeds, information booklets and seasonally themed emails which provide tips and tricks from wildlife gardening experts.

Get Dorset Buzzing launched at the Prince of Wales School in Dorchester, where local children and adults planted sunflower seeds in the school’s award-winning wildlife garden and into eco-friendly pots to take home with them, showing everyone just how easy it is to make a positive difference for pollinators.

The event saw an appearance from BBC Gardeners’ World expert Kate Bradbury and the new Dorset Wildlife Trust President, entomologist and TV presenter Dr George McGavin, who presented a talk on the plight of pollinators and the importance of bees to the school children.

Dr McGavin said: “People often ask me why we should worry about the decline of bees and the answer is simple: bees are arguably one of the most important insect groups on earth.

“Without pollination we would have no flowering plants, no fruits or vegetables and we’d lose all the other insects and animals that depend on those flowering plants for survival.”

The decline in pollinators is often increased due to loss of habitat. Most pollinators would traditionally be found in wildflower meadows around the UK, but this has declined by 97% since the 1930s. This demonstrates just why it’s so important to take the pledge and support our local wildlife.

Sign up here to help Get Dorset Buzzing.