Have you checked your stop tap?

Have you checked your stop tap?

With icy mornings returning this week, Wessex Water is advising customers to make a simple check to avoid being caught cold by frozen or burst pipes.

Only half of people who took part in a Wessex Water Twitter poll had recently tested their stop tap, which turns off a home’s water supply if a frozen pipe bursts.

Normally found under the kitchen sink or in an airing cupboard or adjoining garage, the stop tap can be closed by turning it clockwise. Testing it regularly ensures it won’t seize up and could save precious time in an emergency.

James Taylor, Wessex Water’s regional leakage planning manager, said: “Frozen and burst pipes can cause flooding damage and leave homes without water.

“Customers who contact us often aren’t sure where their stop tap is or how it works, which only adds to the stress and worry of the situation.

“It’s a good idea to check it now so you’re prepared for the worst, as well as taking simple steps like lagging pipes and servicing your boiler regularly to help protect your home when temperatures plummet.”

There is more help and advice on protecting your home this winter at wessexwater.co.uk/coldweather.