The best of both worlds for Wessex Water customers

The best of both worlds for Wessex Water customers

Customers are tapping into the benefits of record investment and lower bills in the Wessex Water region.

We’re spending £1.4 billion over the next five years to provide an outstanding service, protect and further improve the environment and contribute to the communities it serves.

Despite this investment, customers’ bills are coming down by an average of £40 per year – more than the industry average – thanks to smarter ways of working and collaboration with other sectors such as farming. 

With £297 million budgeted for 2020/21 alone, Wessex Water’s plans include:

  • Replacing and renewing aging pipes to improve water quality and further reduce bursts and leaks.
  • Working with farmers to reduce levels of phosphorus and other harmful nitrates reaching rivers and watercourses. 
  • Improving and expanding the sewer network to reduce the risk of flooding and serve a growing population.
  • Upgrading water recycling centres with the latest in sewage treatment and green energy technology. 

Andy Pymer, managing director of Wessex Water Services, said: “Our average water and sewerage bill for the coming year works out at around £1.20 a day per household.

“We believe this is excellent value for money, and we do much more than the ‘day job’ of supplying top-quality drinking water and taking away our customers’ sewage and waste water.

“For example, working with farmers protects the environment for everyone and is far less costly than investing in new treatment works, so our bills can come down.

“Continued innovation and record investment will benefit customers now and in the future, while our people are proud to support the communities they live and work in.”

Wessex Water has 2.8 million customers across the south west of England and is recognised by industry regulators as one of the top performers for service. Owned since 2002 by family firm YTL, we are run by local employees who are customers themselves. 

For many years our dedicated education team have been visiting schools to teach children about the water cycle, while we’ve taken the lead on campaigning against wet wipes and other plastic ‘unflushables’ that cause sewer blockages and environmental damage.

Wessex Water recognises that paying bills can be a struggle for some, so we offer a range of payment options tailored to individual needs.

Those receiving Pension Credit or state pension as their only form of income could see their bill lowered by around 20 percent, while our free Priority Services register provides extra support for customers with different needs.

Wessex Water employees work with the wider community to enhance the local region, both through volunteering and a huge variety of funding projects.

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