Business plan 2020

Business plan 2020 - 2025

Our business plan for 2020-2025 sets out proposals on how we intend to further improve water and sewerage services over future years. 

To put our plan together we carried out our biggest ever consultation with customers, with more than 140,000 people providing feedback through surveys and independent focus groups giving their views on bills and services, including the views of our have your say panel. 

Our video explains more about our business plan and how we’ll be improving services for you and the environment.   

We are proposing a big increase in investment -  £1.4 billion - in areas that customers have told us are most important to them.   

Meanwhile, under our plans, bills, after allowing for inflation, will be no more in 2025 than what they are today.

An independent group, the Wessex Water Partnership, ensured customer views were properly reflected when it came to developing our plan.

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What happens next?

Ofwat has given its initial assessment of our business plan, which was widely supported by customers and stakeholders and proposed our highest level of investment ever, alongside bill reductions.

We then responded to the initial assessment before Ofwat gave us our draft determination in July 2019. This is the first indication of what our cost and service package is likely to be for 2020-2025.

The regulator has challenged some of our investment and set initial views on service levels. Where we believe these are not in customers’ interests or are errors in application, we have provided a representation to set out the issue. We explain what we request Ofwat does about it and why the change would be in the interests of customers.

In December 2019 Ofwat published its final determination for our plan, which set out confirmed investment levels and bill prices for 2020-2025.

While the required investment will be the highest we have ever delivered and the performance targets in line with those proposed in our business plan following extensive customer consultation, the funding allowed has been significantly reduced from our plan.

Wessex Water’s Managing Director, Andy Pymer, said “We expected this to be a very tough review and it certainly is. The Board will now consider whether the plan can be delivered within these financial constraints or whether we should appeal to the Competition and Markets Authority.”

How can you find out about our proposed performance?

We have worked with customers to come up with a set of commitments that can be used to monitor our performance. You can see all of our proposals on our future performance website.  

Our future performance

You can also see how our current performance compares with other water companies by visiting Discover Water.

The map below shows locations across our region where we will be investing in water and wastewater schemes between 2020 and 2025.

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Business plan 2015-2020

Our five-year plans up to 2020 include continued environmental improvements through a £1.2 billion investment programme as well as reducing leakage further.