Our strategic direction

Our strategic direction

We are entrusted with providing services that are essential to life and to the health of our local economy.

It is our job to ensure that these services are resilient in the face of the challenges ahead.

Meeting those challenges in a sustainable way that is affordable for customers will require continued innovation and ambition.

Our strategic direction sets out what we aim to deliver for customers, wider society and the environment. We set out our key priorities for the future, based on wide and continuous conversations with our customers and stakeholders.

We have also set out the strategy by which we will deliver, focusing wherever possible on forming partnerships with others and harnessing market forces where they can help deliver more cheaply.

Along with our sustainability vision our strategic direction is designed to inform both our water resources plan which runs to 2045, and our business plan proposals for service and environmental improvements to 2025.

If you have any comments on this document or our future investment plans, we would be pleased to hear from you - email us at yoursay@wessexwater.co.uk