Regulatory information

Our regulators and watchdogs

The water industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors in the UK.  

Our three main regulators are: 

  • The Drinking Water Inspectorate which regulates public water supplies in England and Wales and is responsible for monitoring the quality of drinking water.
  • The Environment Agency which is responsible for the regulation and management of land, air and water resources in England and Wales. 
  • Ofwat which is the independent economic regulator of the water and sewerage industry with responsibility for setting prices and ensuring we carry out and finance our business properly. 

Other bodies which regulate our work are:

  • The CCW which represents customer interests across England and Wales. The CCW western region represents consumers of Wessex Water and other water and sewerage companies in the south west region.
  • Defra, which deals with all aspects of water policy in England, including water supply and resources, and the regulatory systems for the water environment and water industry.

If you have a complaint please contact us in the first instance and follow our complaints procedure for billing or operational matters.


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Our latest notices

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Wholesale competition

The Water Act 2003 opened up competition within the water industry.

Our charges scheme

Each year we set our charges according to the price limits set by the regulator Ofwat.

Bioresources assets

How we have estimated the economic value of our bioresources assets.