Discover our vision to be a sustainable company

Our sustainability vision defines what sustainability means to us and the key developments we need to make.

Our vision
Customer service


Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our responsibility to provide them with a service that is essential to life is one that we take very seriously.

Beach sign - Delivering zero pollution, zero carbon operation


Our region has many of the country’s finest rivers and streams and we are focused on working with other stakeholders in continuing to protect and improve their condition.

Worker in PPE


It takes great people and great teamwork to provide water and sewerage service 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Money investment


We need to give confidence to investors that we are operating in an efficient and sustainable way to ensure they continue to invest. We strive to create long-tern stability to achieve long-term investment without which our business would not operate properly.

See how we are performing

Our annual sustainability booklet details our performance over the last four years.

Innovating for our customer

We continue to introduce ground-breaking solutions to improve services for the customers and communities we serve.

Our futures report

For the benefit of our customers and communities, the environment, our employees and investors, it is crucial that as a long-term business we consider the future carefully.

Sustainability at Wessex Water

We aim to be a truly sustainable water company which is why sustainability runs through everything we do.