We need to give confidence to investors that we are operating in an efficient and sustainable way to ensure they continue to invest. We strive to create long-term stability to achieve long-term investment without which our business would not operate properly.


  • Stable finances that ensure long-term viability with risks well managed.
  • Seen as ‘prudent and well managed’ by financial interests.
  • Accountable and transparent operations, policy and strategy, without jeopardising commercial confidentiality.
  • Governance structures and processes complementary to our sustainability goals.
  • Stakeholders convinced that the company adds value to society, the environment and the economy.

What we are doing

The affairs of Wessex Water are ultimately the responsibility of the board, which controls and directs the undertaking of the regulated and sewerage business. The board meet a minimum of six times a year. There are four formal committees (audit, remuneration, nominations and corporate responsibility). The board also receives reports from the Wessex Water Partnership (our customer panel) and our catchment panel, both of which are focused on our work during 2015-20; also, our futures panel, which considers emerging trends, opportunities and threats that will have a bigger influence post-2020.

Our annual performance report is reviewed and challenged by the Wessex Water Partnership and all data is externally audited. We have published details of our information assurance process, including an information assurance statement and an information assurance plan, both of which can be found on our website.


Updated our strategic direction statement  Invested £308m towards sustainability in 2019-20 Managed risk through a risk group and risk management advisory group
Published information assurance process