For the benefit of our customers and communities, the environment, our employees and investors, it is crucial that as a long-term business we  consider the future carefully.

In fact it is integral to our work as demonstrated by the following:

  • our water resources management plans look ahead to the next 25 years
  • our regulated business plans are set in the context of long-term trends as well as immediate concerns
  • when planning new infrastructure we always ask whether it will be fit for purpose throughout its expected life
  • our Futures Panel brings together a group of experts who help us to explore challenges and opportunities we expect to face in the years ahead.

We are not simply passive observers of emerging trends and phenomena. To be truly resilient and fit for the future, we aim to anticipate likely changes and actively respond as they occur.

Futures report

With this long-term perspective plus the rapid pace of change we are experiencing, we have decided to gather our views together in a futures report. 

Produced for the first time in 2017, it covers a range of topics including:

  • some of the major challenges faced by 21st century society
  • ways of thinking about the future including one plausible scenario
  • the work of our futures panel
  • new technologies and new ways of working that could have transformative effects.

Futures panel

The futures panel helps us to think about the longer term challenges we may face.Its discussion are fed back to Wessex Water’s board as a way to offer a constructive contribution to its longer term thinking.   

Over its first two years, questions that the panel has explored have included:

  • the degree to which we offer long, as well as short-term benefits to society - the current model of regulation does not adequately reflect this
  • the best ways to meet current demands and expectations while addressing longer term questions in ways that would create greater resilience
  • how we might move beyond consumer relationships to a deeper and more meaningful set of connections with people across our region and beyond.