Our vision

Our vision

Our sustainability vision defines what sustainability means to us and the key developments we need to make.

Our approach to sustainability is related to the components of the capitals model of sustainability and reflects our company aims:

  • customers and society (social capital) - to provide customers with excellent affordable services and contribute to wider society
  • environment (natural capital) - to protect and improve the environment
  • employees (human capital) - to be a great place to work in which all employees can work safely and reach their full potential
  • finances (financial capital) - to deliver the best possible returns to investors.

Each part of the vision has three elements: 

  • outcomes - the end position which would show that we are operating sustainably 
  • mechanisms - the activities, processes and ways of working that need to be in place for us to achieve those outcomes.
  • commitments for 2020 for each mechanism.

The vision was first developed in partnership with Forum for the Future in 2003-04 and the latest version was produced in 2016.

Over the years we have involved our staff, specialists from government, regulators, non-governmental organisations, consultancies, business, academia and customers in making sure that the vision is comprehensive, relevant and ambitious.

Every year we will report on our progress against each of the vision’s outcomes in our sustainability indicators.