Our employees

The skills, expertise and goodwill of our staff is central to our continued success.

Through our extensive training programme, we aim to equip our employees with the technical, leadership and management skills they require to be successful in the future.

A particular focus on the development of our workforce continues to be on promoting diversity and opportunity to ensure the company is a great place to work for all.

As an equal opportunities employer, we respect and value everyone’s contribution.

We are committed to providing an environment that supports and encourages the many skills, interests, backgrounds and experiences that people from different social groups can bring. 

We strive to provide a workplace which is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying, and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

21% of our employees are women; 79% are men (2019). In terms of leadership, 19% of those roles are held by women. There are three women and 10 men on our board of directors.

In common with many businesses with a predominance of STEM skills, such as engineering, the water industry has been male dominated.

We recognise that diversity is a strength and are working to create an inclusive environment to improve the representation of women within the industry and our own business.

Our mean gender pay gap has reduced from 7.3% in April 2017 to 4.9% in April 2019. Our median pay gap has increased slightly from 4.4% in April 2017 to 4.5% in April 2019.

Our gender pay differences are significantly lower than the UK average*and reflect gender distribution in job role rather than any equal pay issues. In all four headline measures, the average rate of pay for men is higher than that of women.

This is due to the fact that more men are in leadership roles than women and this has an impact on mean and median gender pay gap figures.

Office of National Statistics 2019: median gender pay gap in hourly pay ONS average 17.3%. 


We strive to have a workforce that reflects the community we serve, so that we can better understand their needs and in turn provide our customers with the excellent service they deserve.

We are encouraging better diversity in all forms, not only gender but also ethnicity, race, disability, sexual orientation and social background.

Training and apprenticeships

We deliver training through a variety of courses including structured internal courses, toolbox talks, seminars and specialist colleges.

In 2018:

  • 17% of our apprentices this year are female, and this is a reflection of the work we do to engage young women in our sector. 
  • Wessex Water is a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer, assessed by the National Apprenticeship Service. 
  • We have joined the Government’s 5% club which recognises that as an employer, we provide opportunities to develop the skills and talents people need to become more employable and create meaningful careers. 
  • Minimum 5% of our workforce has enrolled as apprentices.