Beneficiary self management

Beneficiary Self-Management 

Working closely with our corporate banking provider, Wessex Water introduced HSBC's Beneficiary Self-Management solution in early 2020.

It is an interactive and secure web portal service hosted by HSBC Bank plc which helps to ensure that a payment can be made in the fastest possible time. 

It also avoids the need to store and manage the payee's Personal Identifiable Data (PII) details such as sort code and bank account number. 

This solution is designed to speed up one-off customer and supplier payments as the guest registration option allows you to simply enter your information for a single payment. 

To protect you against cyber fraud and phishing, Wessex Water will always contact you in advance to advise you of the information that you need to access the web portal to control which destination account that payment should be processed to. 

To complete an agreed payment, you will be able to self serve and manage payment into your preferred bank account or Paypal by using the link below:

Complete payment

For more information about the Beneficiary Self-Management service visit HSBC's frequently asked questions.