Current projects

Partners Programme current projects

Our Partners Programme provides funding to projects carried out by environmental organisations which will conserve and enhance biodiversity and the aquatic environment across our region.

Running since 1998, the programme has achieved some notable conservation successes, made an innovative and valuable contribution to safeguarding natural resources and biological diversity and has helped to contribute to our goal of conserving and enhancing wildlife in our region.

Phase 6 of the programme runs from 2020 to 2025 and we are pleased to be supporting the following projects:

The Wider Wylye Strategy (Wessex Rivers Trust and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust)

4. Wider Wylye | Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The Wider Wylye Strategy brings together a series of projects and programmes of work over the next 5 years which aim to enhance the River Wylye catchment for wildlife and people,  and increase the resilience of this unique chalk stream in the face of our rapidly changing climate.  The project will:

  • Restore natural process in the river and floodplain by enhancing at least 5km of river and 10 hectares of floodplain
  • Engage with hundreds of children and adults in local communities in the catchment to build awareness to help protect this chalk stream
  • Work with land managers and stakeholders to create a more climate resilient environment.

Wider Wylye Strategy Summary

Wider Wylye Annual Review 2020-21

Wider Wylye Annual Review 2021-22

Dorset Wild Rivers (Dorset Wildlife Trust and FWAG South West)

Protect wildlife and wild places | Dorset Wildlife Trust
Dorset Wild Rivers | Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West Limited (

The Dorset Wild Rivers project and lead delivery organisations; FWAG SW, Dorset Wildlife Trust and Dorset AONB, will work together to continue their excellent work taking a catchment-based approach to delivering biodiversity enhancements that support multi-functional water environments in Dorset.  The project will work in partnership with local communities, land managers and the general public to ensure there is buy-in to the work we deliver and aims to help improve the following:

  • Morphological function and ecological integrity within river systems
  • Implementation of sustainable catchment management through advice to farmers
  • Implementation of innovative strategies for nutrient and river management
  • Functionality of rivers and wetlands leading to enhanced delivery of multiple ecosystem services

Dorset Wild Rivers Annual Summary 2020-21

Wilder Waterways (Avon Wildlife Trust and Bristol Avon Rivers Trust)

North Somerset Levels and Moors Restoration Project | Avon Wildlife Trust

Working in the Land Yeo catchment (to the east of Clevedon in North Somerset) on the North Somerset Levels, the project aims to:

  • Build the story of the Land Yeo, with an improved evidence base identifying key opportunities for improvements in the area and an online story map to reimagine a future for the Land Yeo and its surrounding landscape.
  • Engage with communities along the Land Yeo to inspire them about the story of the river and its role.  The project will also engage with landowners and river users through citizen science, walks, talks, demonstration sites and farm advice as well as waterway-based wellbeing through nature sessions.
  • Deliver a resilient landscape where nature can thrive by improving water quality along the Land Yeo and within Tickenham, Nailsea and Kenn Site of Special Scientific Interest; expand the area of re-wilding along the Land Yeo and help the farming community prepare for opportunities under the new government Environmental Land Management Scheme.

Wilder Waterways Project Summary

Wilder Waterways Progress Summary 2021-22

A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) (Wiltshire Wildlife Trust)

(2. A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) | Wiltshire Wildlife Trust)

The project is receiving funding to focus on the River Biss and its tributaries (from Westbury through Trowbridge in Wiltshire). The project aims to:

  • Restore and enhance the catchment, by connecting and creating areas for wildlife in urban and rural settings.
  • Improve the water quality of the catchment and address other reasons for poor condition.
  • Promote the importance of the river corridor in Trowbridge and Westbury for wildlife, access to nature, health and well-being, and its heritage.
  • Promote the river in high level strategic planning and development across the catchment.

A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) Summary

A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) Annual Review 2020-21

A Better Biss Approach (ABBA) Annual Review 2021-22

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