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Bristol Avon Catchment Factsheet

Wessex Water’s catchment factsheet for the Bristol Avon sets out what the company has delivered in the recent past in the catchment and its investment plans for AMP7 (2020 -25).  It also provides details of the scientific investigations, catchment management and wider environmental investment.

Bristol Avon catchments factsheet

Environmental Services Evidence Review

This review was commissioned by the Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership Steering Group in June 2015 to help all relevant partners and stakeholders make more informed decisions about the key water-based issues that have been previously identified in the Bristol Avon Catchment Plan.

This review follows the Participatory Ecosystem Services Visualisation methodology that has been applied in over 30 other catchments in England to date. This methodology will be developed by the Westcountry Rivers Trust, DEFRA and the Rivers Trust. This approach enables stakeholders and technical specialists to work together to evaluate all the relevant data and evidence relating to the environment and ecosystem service provision within a catchment.

The review is available to download as a technical report (PDF document) or follow the link below to view the extracted opportunity maps online. 

We hope this provides useful information for both technical specialists and local stakeholders. The maps are intended to help inform strategic level decision making. Much of the data that has been sourced is applicable at a catchment scale and should be viewed accordingly. 

Please note that the technical report may be subject to amendments, updates and/or corrections in the future. If you are using the maps, please check that you have downloaded the latest version available on the website for up to date information.

For more information about the technical report or any information presented in this report please email:

Adaptation & Resilience Framework

The Adaptation and Resilience Framework (A&RF) for the Bristol Avon Catchment is a trial initiative to engage and help multiple organisations understand land-use planning at a catchment scale.  Its purpose is to identify and coordinate responses to risks and opportunities presented by climate change, development pressure, resource and budgetary pressures and infrastructure vulnerability.  The objective is to collaboratively develop a co-ordinated approach across different disciplines/sectors to deliver sustainable spatial planning. 

Collaboration and strategic multi-sector planning is necessary to address cross-cutting challenges and to improve efficient and effective expenditure recognising the technical, structural and political complexity.  Organisations involved include the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, Natural England, five Local Authorities, two Enterprise Partnerships, West of England Combined Authority, Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership, West of England Local Nature Partnership, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Bristol Water and Wessex Water. 

For more information about the Adaptation & Resilience Framework or any information presented in this report please email:

25 Year Environment Plan

The 25 Year Environment Plan was published by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in 2018 to set out government action to help the natural world regain and retain good health. It calls for an approach to agriculture, forestry, land use and fishing that puts the environment first.

For more information or to read the 25 Year Environment Plan please visit the DEFRA website.