Catchment based approach

Catchment based approach

We are working in partnership with organisations and individuals in Dorset to improve water quality and protect and restore the water environment in two catchments: Poole Harbour and Stour.

These local catchment partnerships have been established following the success of a pilot phase of the catchment based approached in 2011.

This pilot was in response to the government announcing that it would fundamentally review its river basin planning strategy in the context of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).

In June 2013 Defra launched a policy framework to facilitate the creation of catchment partnerships in all of England’s 83 catchments where there is an interest to do so.

The aim of the catchment based approach is to deliver improved water quality and help to protect and restore the water environment.

To achieve this we need to work collaboratively at a local catchment level and provide a clear understanding of the specific issues relating to that catchment.

Local communities and stakeholders are involved in decision-making and the aim is to share evidence and ideas and work out priorities for action.

Ultimately the catchment based approach aims to deliver integrated actions that address local issues in a cost effective way and protect local resources.