Dorset Catchment Partnership logo in colour

Dorset Catchment Partnerships

Dorset Catchment Partnerships are comprised a variety of organisations with a shared vision of ‘Dorset’s river catchments being sustainably healthy, resilient and safe for people and wildlife’.

Dorset Catchment Partnerships are co-hosted by Wessex Water and Dorset Wildlife Trust, and have two Delivery Groups which cover both the Dorset Stour and Poole Harbour catchments.

The Catchment Based Approach has also been adopted in the West Dorset Rivers and Coastal Streams area by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and receives steer and support from Dorset Catchment Partnerships’ Strategy Group.

For more information, please visit the Dorset Catchment Partnerships website.

Dorset Catchment Partnership Context Map
Dorset Catchment Partnerships’ area (Dorset Stour and Poole Harbour Rivers) and surrounding catchments.