Hampshire Avon catchment partnership

Hampshire Avon catchment partnership-logoHampshire Avon catchment partnership

This partnership brings together local communities and organisations to plan and deliver positive actions that will improve the water environment of the Hampshire Avon river catchment.

What's so special about the Hampshire Avon?

The Hampshire Avon has an international reputation as the ‘crown jewel’ of English rivers. The Avon and a number of its tributaries are ‘chalk streams’.  

Chalk streams are a globally rare type of river famed for their crystal clear waters which support a wide range of plants and animals, including some of the country’s most iconic species, such as the salmon, water vole and otter.  

We are fortunate that many of the world’s chalk streams are found here in the Hampshire Avon catchment. 

The Avon catchment isn’t just important for our native wildlife; it provides us with our water for drinking and growing crops. It also carries our treated waste water to the sea, provides natural protection from flooding and contributes towards the local economy through attracting tourism, recreation and local businesses. 

Visit our interactive catchment hub to find out more about the Avon catchment and the work of the partnership.

The partnership 

The Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership was established in 2014 and is made up of a number of organisations who share the common goal of working together to improve the management and health of the Hampshire Avon river catchment. 

The partnership is committed to working together to achieve positive outcomes for the water environment of the Hampshire Avon catchment, and aims to ensure that the ecosystem services provided by our rivers are recognised and valued in the management of land and water. 

The host of the Hampshire Avon catchment partnership is the Wessex Rivers Trust, an environmental charity dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the rivers in the Wessex region, including our fragile and globally important chalk streams. 

Working together we can achieve so much more for our environment. Considering the needs and interests of our stakeholders is a vital part of this process.

Hampshire Avon catchment partnership map
Hampshire Avon catchment boundary map