Hampshire Avon catchment partnership

Hampshire Avon catchment partnership-logoHampshire Avon catchment partnership

This partnership brings together local communities and organisations to plan and deliver positive actions that will improve the water environment of the Hampshire Avon river catchment.

A large range of stakeholders are involved in the initiative, with many partners supporting the steering group. Other stakeholders engage with the initiative through working groups and consultations. 

The host of the Hampshire Avon catchment partnership is the Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust, a charity dedicated to the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of the many rivers in the Wessex area. 

By working together we can help sustain a healthy water environment which is valued and nurtured by residents, businesses and the wider community.

For more information and to get involved visit www.hampshireavoncatchmentpartnership.org.uk.

Hampshire Avon catchment partnership map
Hampshire Avon catchment boundary map