Management plan

Water resources management plan

Our water resources management plan sets out how, over the next 25 years, we will balance water supplies with water demands to ensure adequate water supply for our customers, whilst also protecting the environment.

Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a water resources plan on a five-yearly cycle. The plan is produced following guidance provided by the Environment Agency, our environmental regulator, and in accordance with direction from Defra. 

In 2017 we reviewed and updated this plan to produce a new draft 25-year plan. We undertook public and stakeholder consultation on the draft plan in spring 2018, and in response to the comments we received have developed a revised draft final plan, and produced a statement of response to the submitted representations.

The revised draft final plan and statement of response were submitted to the Secretary of State (Defra) in September 2018 to determine whether our plan can be published as a final plan. In February 2019, we received a request from Defra to provide additional information in support of the statement of response. We have now produced an updated statement of response and revised draft final plan. 

This updated plan forecasts that, given the investments we have already made, we have access to enough water to meet the needs of our customers for at least the next 25 years without the need to develop new sources of water.

Nonetheless, we don’t intent to stand still, and are taking forward ambitious proposals to reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 and work with our customers to support reductions in their use of water though metering and water efficiency programmes.  By working together we will take less from the environment, improve the resilience of our services, and potentially support areas of the country where water stress is a growing problem.

In developing our plan, we carried out a detailed review of our demand projections to take account of population growth, housing developments, changing patterns of household water use and changing demands from our commercial customers.

We have also reviewed potential changes to the yields available from our water sources, including assessing the potential impacts of climate change, and tested our supply system to droughts more severe than observed in the 20th century.

For reasons of national security, information has been excluded from the published draft final plan on this website. The information excluded concerns detailed information relating to our water sources and water supply system.

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Alongside the draft final water resources management plan, we are also publishing water resources market information, which is available here for the dry year planning scenario, and here for the critical period scenario.

As part of our 2020-2025 business plan we have developed a ‘Bid Assessment Framework’ (BAF) to support our water resources management plan.  The framework supports our Market Place activities to drive innovation and bids from third parties in relation to:

  • Water resources

  • Leakage

  • Water efficiency measures

  • Metering.

Find out further details on our BAF.