Water resources

Water resources

Current status of water resources, monitoring ground water, streams, rainfall and river flows

October 2021 update

Rainfall in September was slightly below average, with 57 mm across the Wessex region. This is 83% of the monthly average. The rain received in the last six months (April to September) has been 106% of the long-term average.

Our surface reservoirs remain healthy, with storage at the end of September equalling 65% of total capacity. This is higher than storage this time last year.

Groundwater levels continue to decline as expected, and most levels remain average for the time of year.

River flows are monitored on a daily basis to ensure stream supports are switched on as the appropriate flow triggers are reached. Stream supports are helping to improve river flows in the following locations (as at 11/10/21):

  • Chitterne (2.8 Ml/d into Chitterne Brook, nr Warminster)
  • Dewlish (1.1 Ml/d into Devil’s Brook, Dorset)
  • Kingston Deverill (10 Ml/d into River Wylye, nr Warminster)
  • Mere (1.5 Ml/d into Ashfield Water, nr Warminster)
  • Porton (2.0 Ml/d into Salisbury Bourne, nr Salisbury)
  • South Wraxall (2.0 Ml/d into Chalfield Brook, nr Bradford on Avon)
  • Watergates (6.5 Ml/d into Tadnoll Brook, Dorset)

We are committed to helping customers to reduce their water use. We offer free water efficiency devices to our customers and also provide useful tips on how to reduce water use both in in the home and garden. Using water wisely can reduce customers' utility bills and help their local environment.