Doorstep leak

Got a leak on your doorstep?

Around 30% of water leaks are on the pipe between homes and our water main.

While this pipe is your responsibility, we want to fix a leak if you find one

Are you a metered customer?

It's simple to check for a leak

Step 1

Turn off your internal stop tap - it's usually under the kitchen sink

Step 2

Find your water meter - it's usually outside. If the dial is still turning, you might have a leak.

Step 3

Report the leak and we'll fix it for you*

Can't find your water meter, view our find your meter page

Not on a water meter?

There are still ways to tell if you might have a leak. You may have one if you notice:

  • areas of lush vegetation
  • damp patches on the ground during dry weather
  • a hissing noise at your internal stop cock
  • pooling of water in an area when it hasn't been raining.

If you think you have spotted a leak, report it to us so we can investigate it further for you.


Did you know?

We repair 1,200 leaks per month. Some of these are invisible, but we use the latest technology including drones and satellite imagery to find them deep underground.  

Check for leaky appliances

If your property is metered, you can easily check for leaks on your appliances. A quick stop tap test will show if you have any.

  • Start by checking that your appliances, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, are not being used and that toilet cisterns and water tanks are not being filled up
  • Check the meter. If the meter dial is moving, it's possible that there is a leak.

If you need help to find your stop tap, take a look at our video.

Do a stop tap test

Next you need to do a stop tap test to find the leak.

  • Turn off you internal stop tap - check you've turned it off by running the cold tap in the kitchen
  • If the dial on your meter is still moving, there could be a leak on the supply pipe between the meter and the internal stop tap. Report it to us and we might be able to fix it.*
  • If your meter dial isn't moving there could be a fault on your internal pipework or your appliances. Sorry we're unable to repair this fault but suggest you use a WaterSafe plumber.


Spotted a leak on our network?

We also want to hear from you if you spot a leak on our network. If you see a leak in the road, report it here.

* Need to know

To qualify for the £30 leak reward, the leak must be on the private supply pipe – the section of the pipe between the stop tap and the point at which it enters the property. This section of pipework is the homeowner’s responsibility but we will repair it for free subject to our free leak repair service conditions.

The leak reward will be credited to your account only if we can fix the leak. If the leak has affected your bill you will also be entitled to a leak allowance for water and sewerage services. Our billing team will amend your account once you’ve contacted us.

Water leaks found inside the home or on our water supply network are not part of our doorstep leak reward scheme. If you see a leak in the road, report it here.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time