Plumbing work - notifications

Plumbing - notifications

Before you begin work to install or alter your plumbing system, you have to tell us about it if it involves any of the following:

  • building a house or other property/structure
  • a bidet with an upward spray or flexible hose
  • a water treatment unit which produces wastewater
  • a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve assembly or similar
  • a reverse osmosis unit for cleaning water
  • a pump or booster delivering more than 12 litres of water per minute
  • any water system outside a building which is either less than 750mm or more than 1,350mm below ground
  • a bath which holds more than 230 litres of water
  • a garden watering system (unless operated by hand)
  • installing a swimming pool or pond over 10,000 litres
  • changing the use of a building or installing systems such as rainwater harvesting
  • extending or altering the water system on a non-household building.

If the work involves any of the above you can tell us by completing our regulation 5 notification form.

Download regulation 5 notification form.

To return the form please email it to or by post to Wessex Water, Regulation 5, Developer Services, Claverton Down, Claverton, Bath, BA2 7WW

Types of plumbing work covered
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Details to be notified

The following information must be provided on our notification form:  

  • the name and address of the person giving notice (applicant), and if different, of the person who should receive consent 
  • the location of the premises and their use or intended use  
  • a description of the proposed work and any related changes to use of premises, such as, a house changing to a block of flats or a farm to a different commercial use  
  • a plan of the premises where the work is being carried plus a diagram showing the pipework and fittings to be installed including the make and model of all associated parts
  • the plumbing contractor's name and address if an approved plumber is doing the work.  

Other useful information, where applicable, could include whether you have a heating oil storage tank at your property and/or an alternate private supply (spring or borehole).

Granting consent  

We don't charge for notifications or for granting consent but work cannot start until consent has been given.  

The consent letter may contain certain conditions regarding the plumbing arrangements so it is important to keep a copy for the plumber carrying out the work.  

Failure to comply with the regulations regarding new installations could mean the water supply is withdrawn.  

Consent will be not withheld unreasonably and may be granted subject to conditions which must be followed.  

Under the regulations, if consent is not given within 10 working days it is assumed to have been granted. This does not alter the plumber or person receiving consent the obligation to see that the regulations are met in full. 


Depending on the work involved, you may not have to notify us before work starts if you are using an approved plumber. They will send us a copy of the certificate they provide to confirm their work meets the regulations.  

If breaches of the regulation are found in the certified work, the legal responsibility falls on the approved plumber and not on you.