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    Water hardness

    Water hardness can be expressed in different units - please refer to the instructions for information on how to enter the relevant value below when adjusting the settings on your appliance.
    Calcium (mg/l) {{results.CA_MGL}}
    Calcium Carbonate (mg/l) {{results.CACO3}}
    Calcium Carbonate (mmol/l) {{mmol}}
    Degrees Clark (UK) {{results.ENG_DEG}}
    Degrees German (dH) {{results.GER_DEG}}
    Degrees French (f) {{results.FRA_DEG}}
    Your water hardness level is classified as {{results.RATING}}.

    Water quality

    Water can contain a variety of natural mineral salts depending on where it has been abstracted from.

    We treat all drinking water to ensure that potential contaminants are removed.

    The table below shows the average values from samples taken over the last calendar year.

    Summary of water quality parameters for {{qualityArea}}.
    Parameters Number of samples taken Mean value Regulatory limit Unit of measurement
    {{item.DetermLongName}} {{item.SamplesCount}} {{item.MeanValue}} {{item.PCVDesc}} {{item.Units}}
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    The following measurements are used in the table above:
    • mg/l - one part per million.
    • µg/l - one part per billion.
    • mg/l Pt/Co - scale for assessing the visual clarity of the water.
    • µS/cm - measures mineral composition.

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    99.9% - our compliance rate with UK and EU drinking water standards
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